Thursday, August 4, 2011


Again, I have dedicated my time this week to making listings and promoting on ETSY, and what has happened, really, is more of an embrace of ETSY as a selling venue than ever. I have spent some time in the forums and learned a bit about promoting. I have learned that my tagging has been so wrong as to leaving me invisible and unfindable to people looking for what I have. Re-tagging everything is a big process, so i am doing it bit by bit. AND, I have started doing treasuries, which is not only fun, but also has introduced me to a whole world of sellers who are doing great things. So far I have curated 7 treasuries:

Take a look if you can and leave comments! Thanks!!

New listings ... Attempted photos (2)

Okay, I have dedicated the week to new listings and biting the bullet with the photography. Taking photographs of gemstone jewelry is tricky. I resist ... because it's so time consuming. And it's so hard to make a sale. But, I cannot afford to pay someone to take all the photos if I am not making good sales. Here are a few of the photos that have evolved. At first I was feeling insecure because the most recent photos were by a professional photographer. But now I feel good because I showed them to my husband and he says he likes mine better! He says they're warmer.
amethyst turquoise earrings

bali sterling silver earrings

labradorite chandelier earrings

aqua chalcedony carnelian earrings

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Listings!

...finally. Same story, of course. LOTS of jewelry ... not so many listings. BUT, I am determined to list 8-10 new items per week. Ahem. I will list a few here but best to just go directly to
the Catalog.

Here is a gorgeous, simple and elegant design of AA grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Sterling Silver. I call it "Sanna" and there is a fantastic little pair of earrings to match on the site.

These little Aqua Chalcedony earrings are perfect for the traditionalist in you -- keeping modern because of the aqua chalcedony gemstones. I call them "Amina". There's a beautiful matching necklace online.