Friday, June 7, 2013

I took my annual trip to the gem show in Tucson in February. I am becoming a regular.  I know my way around the venues that I frequent. People recognize me. I'm in on the gossip even. I know stuff! I remember when I first went it was so overwhelming. I never dreamed I would get to this point.

They are still not mining turquoise in China, which is changing the whole market. I am sticking to American turquoise. Lot's of turquoise from the Sleepig Beauty mine, but also Kingman, and even a few strands of very expensive Bisbee Turquoise, which is all mined out.

It is just so beautiful, and high quality. And now it's the same price ... so why not? Seriously. Why would you buy the Chinese stuff if it's the same price?

Just look at the blue!
Also feel like my style has evolved ... though I'd be curious if you feel the same. You can click on any of the photos to see the piece in my online shop ...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Seriously, when you wait MORE THAN A YEAR to make a blog post, a lot can happen. One thing I have realized ... I am not a blogger. But, I do like to keep people updated -- people who are not in my life on a daily basis, or are not local, or are interested in my comings and goings for one reason or another!

The big, humongous news is: I have opened a store!!

That's it in the background. Gala Artisan Jewelry and Gifts. In Kensington MD.

I opened Gala with a lovely partner -- Barbara Catrett -- and we have brought many wonderful artists into the fold.

(Gala stands for G.uild of A.rtists L.ocal to the A.rea) We opened in September 2012, and things have been going great.

You know I had been doing shows and fairs with my jewelry -- and having good success. And doing well with my Etsy shop. And going to the Martha Stewart show, and the Etsy events in NY, etc. But I really missed having a roof over my head, as in a store roof. And the great jewelry sales and the interaction that I had with people at ArtSpring. Don't get me wrong, leaving ArtSpring was the right thing for me, but it was like leaving an adult child that I could no longer help. Heartbreaking. And it was more than just the jewelry sales, (although that was tough to give up), I loved the whole idea of ArtSpring, and being an integral part of the handmade movement in my area. And I missed the camaraderie of artists, and the excitement of building something together to be proud of. 

In the back of my head I knew wanted to do another shop -- kind of take the best of what I had learned from ArtSpring and put it towards something that would really be mine -- not hopping around from vacancy to vacancy in downtown Silver Spring. And, I kept thinking of Kensington for some reason ... that it would be the perfect neighborhood to support a little handmade shop. Well -- fast forward to last summer when I stumbled upon this little, adorable storefront!

...seriously, it was irresistible!

Call me crazy or whatever, but I have had no regrets yet. Love my partner, and the artists we have on board. Everyone falls in love with it when they walk in. And, my jewelry is selling like hotcakes!