Sunday, July 6, 2014


Life is amazing. I feel so lucky to have found my little spot in this world ... where I know I should be. I love making jewelry, and I love my little store, Gala ... sometimes I want to pinch myself.

Since my last post, a lot has happened. How could that be when you post once a year you ask? Forgot I had a blog, if I am honest ... Lol.

I just read my last post. At the time I wrote it I probably could have anticipated none of what I will write about today.

It's been a real time of transition for me. I found out in August 2013 why I've been limping for 5 years + ... To my own disbelief, I needed a total hip replacement. (WTF?? Right?? I'm only 50.)

...And, somehow, something that's been creeping up on me for some time ...I knew without a doubt, that after creating beaded jewelry happily and successfully for over 10 years, I was ready for more, and that I wanted to take my jewelry creations to another level.

Planning and mulling and fretting and worrying in my way -- knowing that the surgery was going to take it's toll, and time, and ... good god they're going to cut a piece out of me! Aaahhh!

And also, knowing that the ramp up to learning the new skills in the studio would be challenging -- I would need to start working with metals and metalsmithing, and imparting my own style onto my handcrafted jewelry would also take patience and diligence

Everything started to come together in the beginning of 2014. After watching hours and hours of tutorials -- making lists of what I needed -- I began ordering for my studio in January. A metalworking bench and flex shaft and saws -- torches and files and a kiln. It all fit into my studio nicely, and sat there looking very impressive! Then, with all my new equipment untouched, I took my annual pilgrimage to Tucson in February, (this time buying a few cabochons, wondering what the hell would do with them!). When I came home I went under the knife for a total anterior hip replacement, on Feb. 17.

Fast forward to today, July 6 2014, I am happy to report that I am back on the tennis court every week, playing better than I ever have! (Not saying much, unfortunately.)

In the studio, It's been a new beginning as I've healed. I started walking around my new equipment when I still had the walker! Sniffing it, touching stuff, lol. I really didn't know where to begin. Little by little I have started learning and making things. I have a pile of burned sterling silver in the tray! But ... I am learning! And I am so excited at the possibilities! The tools available these days are so liberating -- especially the Sterling Silver Clay. I still feel like I'm just dunking my toe in the water ... and I love the feeling ... like the possibilities are endless.

I hope that I don't forget I have a blog again, but no promises. At the very least, if history tells us anything, you can expect another update in about a year!

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