Thursday, April 26, 2012

ME, on The Martha Stewart Show

I was one of the lucky Etsy sellers invited to be in the audience of  the Martha Stewart Etsy episode. So much fun! Sadly, I don’t think I was featured on the taping, but it was a great experience! Tons of fun!  The episode airs Thursday, April 26 on the Hallmark Channel.

I think Martha is great, and it was only confirmed by the experience! She really brings a lot of attention to crafting, and hand made. She featured two Etsians and their crafts -- one of them is one of my favorites – the tree ring guy. The other was a woman who makes food out of polymer clay and then crafts jewelry from it. She then gave everyone in the audience a bag of Martha Stewart crafting supplies and a $50 HP gift certificate.

...Best of all, though.... is this feature on the Website:

Yes, that's 'lil ole me. And after all, it is all about me ....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Local show season is cookin up!

Tons of new stones and styles! Cannot wait for everyone to see. First show of the season -- Saturday April 28 -- big, open, home show in Chevy Chase DC. -- 5816 Chevy Chase PKWY from 1-5 pm. Hope you can make it!!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Russian Painted Porcelain

If you follow my jewelry, you know I am pretty married to stones and gemstones. Basically ... that's what I do. I like artisan glass for instance, and clay and wood ... but it doesn't move me like stones. All of my jewelry is made with gemstones and semi-precious stones, as a rule.

Well ... I guess all good rules are meant to be broken! When I saw these porcelain beads I gasped ... almost like when I see a gorgeous sample of turquoise. They are truly stunning, and the quality is undeniable.

Made by a small Eastern European outfit, they are created and painted in the ancient Russian Pysanski style. I have only seen them represented there so are truly a unique find. Right now I have 3 pairs of earrings and a couple necklaces in the shop, but I will follow with more pendants and necklaces.

Green Turquoise Freshwater Pearl Earrings

This is the other pair ... truly a playful treatment above these fantastic, freshwater pearls. So beautiful and unique! Earrings measure 1 3/4 inch. I can definitely see these with one of this seasons great dresses! Really Unique earrings.

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Green Turquoise Blossoms!

I love it when magic happens in the studio. What happened with these Green Turquoise heishis feel like magic! They are so springy and fun just wired like they are here. I made these ... and another pair with pearls. These earrings measure 1 inch total including .925 Sterling Silver Lever backs. Just the perfect size for everyday!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Copal Amber

I went to this year's Tucson Gem Show with a few things on my list, and one was the word "yellow". Specifically, I was looking for "the yellow" from Pantone's 2012 list: Solar Power.

I was standing at one of my regular bead vendors when I saw it across the corridor. I made a bee line and grabbed a hank and said "is this amber"? "Copal Amber" was the answer. What I knew was that it was gorgeous! Exactly what I wanted!

Back home I figured I better figure out what Copal Amber was. I knew one thing ... if it was real amber, I wouldn't have spent as little as I did. I also knew it was light and lovely -- but it was clearly natural -- not some sort of man made fake amber. (Not to mention that the seller was VERY reputable.)

So ... according to, (and everything else I read):

On the other hand,

Copal Amber:

Copal Amber is not the fossilized, hardened resin that is known as amber, but rather an immature recent resin. Confusion is inevitable. "The oldest known substitute for amber is copal, a resin which is very similar in appearance" , but Copal is not many millions but many thousands of years old.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Blue Lapis Lazuli Stretch Bracelet Margarita Sterling Silver - $40.00

This is my second stretch bracelet. If they take off ... I will make more.
Blue Lapis Lazuli Stretch Bracelet Margarita Sterling Silver -- Hand Crafted Gemstone Jewelry

This is my first series of stretch bracelets. I meet too many people at shows who don't want to deal with the clasps. That being said ... I don't want them to look "cheap" ... so ... here it is:

Fantastic color the gorgeous, matte finish Lapis Lazuli nuggets (10-20mm), serpenti...

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Colorblock Copal Amber Sponge Coral Red Yellow Bracelet Sterling Silver - $40.00

First time I've ever made stretch bracelets. People ask and ask because the are so much easier ... but, I've just always thought they didn't look good without some beautiful silver. Well ... added some beautiful silver! Two new bracelets have been added to the site. Here's one: Colorblock Copal Amber Sponge Coral Red Yellow Bracelet Sterling Silver

This is my first series of stretch bracelets. I meet too many people at shows who don't want to deal with the clasps. That being said ... I don't want them to look "cheap" ( I love my sterling silver accents and clasps!) So ... here it is:

Fantastic color in this new, chunky Color Block beaded Br...

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I am a turquoise hoarder ...

I am so drawn to turquoise. When I go to the shows I wait and dedicate some real time to finding the best (to my taste) turquoise. It used to be that you could get some pretty beautiful Chinese turquoise -- very blue and lovely -- for much less than what most people consider the best (from Arizona). But nowadays, they have closed their mines, and the prices are compatible with Arizona Turquoise. So what? I just stick with the real thing. The gold Standard. Usually Sleeping Beauty, but sometimes Kingman or some of the other AZ mines.

You would think then that I would get back to my studio and go wild. NO. It sits there like a precious relic in it's original packaging. Somehow it's comforting ....

Well, I looked through my Etsy shop the other day and realized I have very little turquoise in it. You should see how much turquoise I have!!! Anyway -- cracked some out today. ... I do get shortness of breath around the stuff ... (really). And somehow ... it just asks for gold. I just think it's one of nature's wonders...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More than De-stash!

I know a lot of people share my joy in making jewelry, or even just collecting beads. So this is the first year that I made a point to buy a little extra of many items when I was at the gem show in Tucson. (There are so many things there that you just don't see anywhere else.)

Last year I started a small wholesale supply store on Etsy. It started out mainly as de-stash -- mainly gemstone beads and pearls that never made it into my designs for one reason or another. The shop is for hobbyists and designers alike. Little by little I have been adding the items I picked up in Tucson this year. Yes ... the prices are like that of a bead shop ... but not the quantities! There are just selected items that I think are special and unique -- and not too many of them. I have added the Etsy mini to the left panel of the blog, but here's a mini mini:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amazonite Earrings- Aqua blue teardrops, wire wrapped, gold - $42.00

AA grade Amazonite Earrings- Aqua blue teardrops, wire wrapped, gold

Long, elegant teardrop smooth brios of stunning A+ grade Amazonite, hand wrapped with 14ktgf wire from 14ktgf ear wires. These earrings are "that color"! The one you're always looking for! And the stones themselves are stunning. A pair you'll have forever... Drop from ear wires - 1.25". ...

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Keeping up with the Interweb - oye

Well ... decided to update my Flickr account. Oh yes, I have one. Last updated: 2008. Took me a good while to even remember the login. There goes the day. Anyway ... I know ... it must be done if one is to be searchable, and god knows I want that. Have a look -- still editing but here it is.

Also updated my photobucket account. Oye. Here's the new slideshow for the website:

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I just couldn't help it this morning. It's going to be in the 80's today near DC. The magnolias and cherry trees are near peak. It's just PRETTY!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Silver

Every year my studio inventory grows and grows to the point where now if I want to work with a certain stone I just have to look to see what shape or quality I want. As my collection and inventory of stones increases I have started to have the freedom and interest to buy and create new sterling findings and beads, etc. I know .925 Sterling Silver has gotten expensive -- boy do I know! And sometimes it's tempting to shy away just to keep the costs of the final products down. But in the end, it just adds so much to the jewelry. This year I splurged and bought some beautiful and more unique Bali sterling -- more than just the usual spacers, clasps, etc. I haven't gotten around to using most of it, but here are a couple of examples:

Even sparsely used it's amazing how the silver adds a richness and elegant character to the Blue Kyanite Bracelet and the freshwater pearl bracelet. (Either bracelet can be found in the Bracelet section of my Etsy shop.

Still Here

Honestly, if you can believe it, one of the main reasons I do not update here is that this blog was begun on another email account. It required me to sign out and sign in again. Lame? I know. Today ... I solved the issue allowing myself administrator rights. Took me 5 minutes, tops. *Sigh*

I have been busy since last year although went through my annual slump after the holidays. I think it's a creative slump as well as a natural one due to seasons and markets, etc. I went to Tucson on what has become my big annual buying trip, and this year I really felt like an old timer. I knew the venues and the suppliers and the lay of the land. I also felt very confident in what I bought. Focused on gemstone brios from my favorite seller and bright colors for this Spring/Summer colorblock extravaganza. I also stepped into some more interesting silver and some slightly ethnic feeling beads from Tibet.

Now I am working, finally, this last couple weeks, and I am very excited with some of the results. Look at the Etsy-Mini for some new postings but here are a couple favs that I listed yesterday:

Not sure who I am making them for! Etsy sales have dropped off a cliff and show season doesn't really start for me 'til end of April. But you have to admit it's some cute stuff, right? BTW all of these are in the Etsy shop now if you want to see the listings.


First update in oh so long is simple: My Etsy site looks completely different. Take a look.