Saturday, November 8, 2008

Am I a blogger yet?

Am I a blogger yet? I think I am. I do not believe I qualify to be a twitter yet. (Or is that a tweeter? Or a twitterer?)


Here's what I know: I make jewelry. Gemstone jewelry -- not diamonds in gold -- but funky, chunky stones and stuff, usually in .925 sterling silver. Also have some smaller/sparkly stuff -- and sometimes I use gold.

I sell online at Etsy, on A-Z Jewelry Design, and at the Pyramid Atlantic Community Art Store near Washington DC. I sell at shows and fairs and home jewelry parties, (my favorite venue.)

I absolutely LOVE what I do. Every day I run through a little mantra of thanks that I get to do this. Thanks to whom you ask? That is another post - can't put everything here on the first day.

I hope the blog sticks. I think it will be fun.

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