Sunday, April 26, 2009


About a year ago my bff girlfriends/neighbors and I got together to have a little local art show in the neighborhood. We decided to have 10% of the proceeds benefit a local organization -- The Old Blair Auditorium Project . We met every week, found local donations for food, etc. , and eventually set up in 2 yards and 2 homes on the day before Mother's Day 2008. We had wine tastings, a kid's craft table, and all of us displayed our work for sale to our neighbors. It was such a wonderful event ... I cannot encourage you enough to do it in your own neighborhood! All of us sold our work very well, and the neighborhood came out by the hundreds.

Our group did not die. In the summer of 2008 -- in conjunction with Pyramid Atlantic, we opened the Pyramid Atlantic Community Arts Store, at 924 Ellsworth Ave., Silver Spring MD. Our store represents local artists from the Silver Spring local area.

The pictures below are of our group making the "founder's table", which now resides in the store. Hoping to rename the store "Local Color" when we take it over formally, on July 1, 2009.

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