Thursday, April 26, 2012

ME, on The Martha Stewart Show

I was one of the lucky Etsy sellers invited to be in the audience of  the Martha Stewart Etsy episode. So much fun! Sadly, I don’t think I was featured on the taping, but it was a great experience! Tons of fun!  The episode airs Thursday, April 26 on the Hallmark Channel.

I think Martha is great, and it was only confirmed by the experience! She really brings a lot of attention to crafting, and hand made. She featured two Etsians and their crafts -- one of them is one of my favorites – the tree ring guy. The other was a woman who makes food out of polymer clay and then crafts jewelry from it. She then gave everyone in the audience a bag of Martha Stewart crafting supplies and a $50 HP gift certificate.

...Best of all, though.... is this feature on the Website:

Yes, that's 'lil ole me. And after all, it is all about me ....


justByou . said...

Oooohhh what an experience! I will also check out the link you gave. I heard the Martha Stewart show was having an Etsy day, so I set it on my DVR - can't wait to watch!
from Blogging Buddies

Linda said...

It was so much fun! So glad I went! Very fun to see how an operation like that works. AND, Martha was really nice and supportive. A+

Creative Habits said...

Hi, girl! Congratulations! I could not get the link to work :( Will try again later.



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