Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still Here

Honestly, if you can believe it, one of the main reasons I do not update here is that this blog was begun on another email account. It required me to sign out and sign in again. Lame? I know. Today ... I solved the issue allowing myself administrator rights. Took me 5 minutes, tops. *Sigh*

I have been busy since last year although went through my annual slump after the holidays. I think it's a creative slump as well as a natural one due to seasons and markets, etc. I went to Tucson on what has become my big annual buying trip, and this year I really felt like an old timer. I knew the venues and the suppliers and the lay of the land. I also felt very confident in what I bought. Focused on gemstone brios from my favorite seller and bright colors for this Spring/Summer colorblock extravaganza. I also stepped into some more interesting silver and some slightly ethnic feeling beads from Tibet.

Now I am working, finally, this last couple weeks, and I am very excited with some of the results. Look at the Etsy-Mini for some new postings but here are a couple favs that I listed yesterday:

Not sure who I am making them for! Etsy sales have dropped off a cliff and show season doesn't really start for me 'til end of April. But you have to admit it's some cute stuff, right? BTW all of these are in the Etsy shop now if you want to see the listings.

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